April 5, 2016

The 2016 Lincoln Navigator L near Hattiesburg, MS: A Huge Luxury Car

If you like a big car, but at the same time you want your car to look nice and not like a poorly designed truck, the 2016 Lincoln Navigator L is a perfect SUV for you. With this car, Lincoln looked after everything, especially getting the most out of its size and making it look beautiful. The Lincoln Navigator L has it all.

Top-of-its-Class Muscle Car

The Lincoln Navigator L can tow up to 9000 pounds, made possible with the V6 engine. This delivers more by offering less, compared to the previous V8 engines used by Lincoln. The engine transmits its awesome power through an automatic transmission, ensuring a flawless and constant power flow. The electronic throttle control automatically switches and adapts to the road type, providing a smooth and powerful driving experience wherever you go.

The Luxurious Interior

The Lincoln Navigator has three rows of seats, so there’s plenty of space for both your family and friends. Also, you don’t need to worry. Even if you fill all the seven seats, there will still be enough space for everyone to feel comfortable and for your cargo in the trunk. In addition, the 2016 Navigator L uses top- quality material for the interior. Leather and wood dominate throughout, making the inside appear classy and comfortable.

Whether passing by on the road or parked somewhere near Hattiesburg, MS, the 2016 Lincoln Navigator L will be sure to draw attention.

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