April 13, 2016

The 2016 Lincoln MKX from Gulfport, MS: Certified Bestseller

The MKX series is still going strong with the 2016 Lincoln MKX staying at the top of the class for nine years in a row. This spacious luxury SUV crossover is still one of the most sought after models of the Lincoln flagship, stealing the hearts of luxury consumers around the Gulfport, MS area. With a powerful 3.7L V6 engine and a streamlined center console that offers up more space, this SUV is sure to keep its top spot for years to come.

The Good

You’ll find that everything from under the hood of the Lincoln MKZ all the way to its luxurious interior is top-notch. Not only does it have a spacious cabin that can seat five people with a lot of legroom and headroom, plus enough space to store all kinds of cargo, from shopping bags to luggage bulky suitcases, it also has front seats that feature a 22-way power adjustable massaging seats, which makes it perfect for those long rides.

The Better

The MKX also has the signature Lincoln Welcome Mat, which illuminates as you approach your parked car, and the hands-free power liftgate, which enables you gain access to the cargo area without your hands ever touching the key fob. This means no more struggling to open your cargo door whenever your hands are full with shopping or grocery bags. Just a gentle glide of your foot under the bumper is all your car needs to open itself up.

The 2016 Lincoln MKX also introduces additional safety features like an enhanced active park assist and a lane keeping system. Together with its 360-degrees camera, this makes this luxury crossover one of the safest SUVs to drive.

The Best

The Lincoln team knows how to listen to their loyal fanbase, which has resulted in them revamping the MKX series entirely from inside-out. With a learning curve like that, it is no wonder why they have kept their spot as one of the top luxury car makers of all time.

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