April 22, 2016

2016 Lincoln Navigator from Dealers near Baton Rouge: Family-Friendly Vehicle

Full-sized sports utility vehicles are difficult to come by due to the public’s general preference for smaller SUVs or crossovers. However, with the latest 2016 Lincoln Navigator, individuals and families looking to upgrade their vehicles may find themselves considering it as an option. Listed below are three reasons why the 2016 Lincoln Navigator is a great option for everyone.

Performance Features

The various engineering features in the 2016 Lincoln Navigator has resulted in a vehicular wonder that expends 380 horsepower and 460-lbs of torque. The car also comes with an EcoBoost V6 engine that boasts twin-turbocharging abilities – which gives the Navigator its 460-lbs of torque. Furthermore, the car comes with Drive Control Suspension available in 3-modes: comfort, normal and sport.


The perfect car for big families, the Navigator comes with 3-rows of seats and is able to sit a total number of 7 people or possibly 8 if the bench option is utilized for the second row of seats. With plenty of legroom at every row, passengers will be able to sit comfortably.


Though the 2016 Lincoln Navigator looks mammoth from the outside, the available drive-modes make it relatively easy to manoeuvre. The large cargo area in the back makes it a great option for parents with lots of kids and the motorized running boards are perfect to help small children in and out of the car. Perhaps the most attention-grabbing element of the vehicle is the huge split grille mounted on the front, giving the car a distinct luxurious feel that sets it apart from vehicles of the same make in its class.

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