April 20, 2016

The 2016 Lincoln MKS from Dealerships around Lafayette, LA: Packed With Safety Features

Sedans are probably the most common type of car seen on the road. Like every other vehicle, they are able to get you from point A to point B – with little thought put into making the drive safe and luxurious. However, the 2016 Lincoln MKS is a sedan that rises above all others.

Safety Features

The spaciousness of the sedan was created with the idea of the car being used by families. For instance, families with children – particularly those with 2 or more kids – will need ample space for car seats and for long rides when necessary. Knowing that the car will often be used to transport children makes safety features significantly more important.

There are several cautionary systems in the car. Some examples are low tire pressure warning, early low fuel warning and front and rear parking sensors. Extra safety equipment to keep the car and the passengers within scratch-free, have also been added. For instance, airbags have been placed not only at the front, for the protection of the driver and the front passenger but have also been mounted on the sides in all 4-doors. This will help to provide a buffer if the car does collide with anything. The back-up camera helps to record everything happening on the roads and it also serves as evidence in the event of an accident.

However, the most important system within the car is the AdvanceTrac Electronic Stability (ESC). This keeps the car on the right path and prevents it from moving off the road. This system is particularly useful if the driver is having a hard time seeing the road due to poor weather conditions, insufficient lighting or extreme tiredness.

Ultimately, the 2016 Lincoln MKS is a great deal. It combines strong performance and safety while not skimping on a luxurious feel. Visit Lincoln dealerships near Lafayette, LA for a better look.

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