December 30, 2014

2015 Lincoln MKC Having a Field Day

While its marketing strategy, especially its latest TV ad starring Hollywood actor Matthew McConaughey, had been widely parodied, there’s one thing people can be certain of: the 2015 Lincoln MKC is doing a really great job, both on sales and performance. In November 2014 alone, sales for the latest MKC model reached more than 2,000 units, making it one of Lincoln’s best-selling models, closing in on the MKZ. In fact, the sales for this model (which could be traced to the infamous McConaughey ad popularly parodied by comedian Jim Carrey) contributed to Lincoln’s best sales boost last October, which the company asserts to be their best October sales since 2007.

December 16, 2014

The Early Years of Lincoln Motor Cars

Lincoln has had a long history of building and releasing upscale vehicles to the market, but little know of its history. The Lincoln car company was founded in 1917 by Henry M. Leland who had previously founded Cadillac. In 1922, Lincoln was bought by the Ford Motor Company.
Lincoln had already released their L series previously, and the K series came out after they were bought. By the 1930s, Lincoln had found its place in the luxury-car segment, even going toe-to-toe with Cadillac. Their first popular car was the Zephyr which was released in 1936 and was a big hit among consumers, to the point that there came a time when majority of what Lincoln sold were Zephyrs.