October 13, 2016

The 2017 Lincoln MKZ near Hattiesburg, MS: The Sedan That Meets Expectations

What makes a sedan great? Is it the striking body design or is it the accessories and materials inside? The good news is the 2017 Lincoln MKZ excels at everything, from the interior and exterior, and provides exceptional riding experiences.

The Right Technology on Display

Every feature and accessory included in this techy 2017 Lincoln MKZ has a purpose. Continuously controlled damping helps adjust the suspension to provide smooth rides on any surface. Active noise control ensures your cabin is quiet, something you’ll want to utilize when driving for hours on a busy highway.  
With adaptive cruise control, you’ll get to enjoy long drives without having to worry about a thing. As soon as traffic up ahead slows down, the system slows your vehicle down as well. Automatic braking helps improve driver and passenger safety, because your vehicle comes to a complete stop if you fail to hit the brakes when approaching something or someone.

Articulate Design

Right when the 2017 Lincoln MKZ pulls up, you’ll see how much time and attention went into this luxury sedan’s design. The one-piece grill in the front shines bright thanks to its chrome composition. An aggressive stance sets the stylistic tone, and the simple lines on the side have aerodynamics in mind. Even the wheel line up for this generation of Lincoln is impressive, letting you show off your style. These include a 19-inch satin finish or 20-inch spoke aluminum wheels.

This Lincoln near Hattiesburg, MS is waiting to be driven when you head to a dealership in the area. Whether it is a monumental event or just a night out on the town, the 2017 Lincoln MKZ gives you something to savor on the road.

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