August 17, 2016

The 2016 Lincoln MKS from Dealers near Slidell, LA: Honoring the Lincoln Traditions

The 2016 Lincoln MKS might be the last of its kind, but it certainly still exceeds all expectations and leaves competition in the dust. Despite still sporting the old Lincoln signature split-wing grille, the technology and performance are modern and powerful enough for luxury car shoppers to consider it as one of the best luxury sedans that came out in 2015.

The last flight of the split-wing grille

If you are a diehard Lincoln fan, chances are you’ll soon be missing the signature split-wing grille you have known and loved. The smooth integration of the grille with the headlamps to give the 2016 Lincoln MKS its sleek design that is always ready to soar above other luxury car brands. This aerodynamic design also provides the 2016 Lincoln MKS some serious speed as you glide like a ghost even on the roughest roads.

The introduction of the greatest Lincoln technology

Like the old adage says, with every goodbye comes a bright hello – the pending departure of the split-wing grille is counterbalanced by the best Lincoln technology to date, the SNYC 3. Promising to be more modern and user-friendly than the previous technology, the SNYC 3 is one beautiful surprise for every luxury car shopper as it gives comfort and convenience at the end of your fingertips.

True to the Lincoln tradition, the introduction of the SNYC 3 to the 2016 Lincoln MKS flagship gives shoppers and car enthusiasts an example of Lincoln designers’ ingenuity and innovation to incorporate the numerous helpful suggestions of test drivers.  

If you will be passing near the vicinity of Slidell, LA, try visit nearby Lincoln dealerships and take a 2016 Lincoln MKS out for a test drive today.

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