March 7, 2016

2016 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid Reserve 600A Car Hybrid near Hattiesburg, MS: A Luxurious Way to Go Green

Choosing an eco-friendly car is an excellent step for environmentally-conscious drivers. Because they use battery packs instead of gasoline, they have reduced emissions and consume much less fuel. If you’re worried about compromised performance and comfort when you switch to hybrids, put those concerns to rest. The 2016 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid Reserve 600A Car Hybrid masterfully bridges the gap between green driving and the excellent capabilities of a luxury sedan.

Driving Dynamics

Despite pulling power from its battery pack, the 2016 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid doesn’t sacrifice the driving experience. It remains as enjoyable and entertaining as that in traditional sedans. This hybrid expertly deals with curves even with the additional battery weight. Expect to have great acceleration and a smooth ride quality when you drive it around the city. You also get plenty of passing power to make highway passing a breeze. You might find some time to get used to the regenerative braking pedal, but it’ll feel natural after taking the 2016 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid for a few spins.

Reserve 200A

Furthermore, the Reserve 200A package adds a load of features for the ultimate hybrid driving experience. For instance, there’s AdvanceTrac® electronic stability control (ESC) with Curve Control. There’s also electronic brake force distribution to assist with regenerative braking. Safety items are abundant, from the standard airbags to the more advanced Tire Pressure Monitoring System and SecuriLock® Passive Anti-Theft System (PATS). With all these and more, the 2016 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid is capable of doing what traditional cars can do— perhaps even better.

The 2016 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid Reserve 600A Car Hybrid certainly makes green driving look immensely attractive. Check it out when you drop by Lincoln dealerships near Hattiesburg, MS.

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