January 13, 2015

Only Dealerships Can Uphold your Car’s Warranty

As long as your vehicle is under a dealer warranty, there’s nowhere else to have your car serviced but at the dealership. Your relationship with an auto dealer didn’t end when you drove your ride home. Whether used or new, they maintained it before it was sold to you, so it only makes sense to bring your Lincoln back to Slidell LA Lincoln dealerships for repairs.

Customer is king (or queen)
Many car dealers know how to treat their customers right. While these places have comfortable waiting areas while the car is being repaired, some even offer loaners for those who can’t wait, or shuttles for those who’d like to go elsewhere. Before your car is released to you, it is given one more quality inspection before being car washed and dried.

Keeping customers for the long haul
The professional maintenance service of full-service car dealerships is common among established centers that offer their new car owners excellent maintenance service along with factory-certified parts, skilled technicians, and the peace of mind that everyone there is working in your best interest.

Evolving technology
Automobiles these days aren’t simple machines. They are complex pieces of technology that require up-to-date devices to diagnose and repair. Dealer mechanics are constantly being trained in the use of system tools to ensure longevity and proper performance.

Owners who have work done with independents should bear in mind that any damage as a result of non-authorized dealer business voids the warranty and deprives them of its benefits.

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